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Registration and Marketplace access

For registration and access we need to verify your company. This helps us create a secure online environment.

Sign-up process


  1. Register your company on our registration page.

    Select a  time period / plan you wish to buy.

  2. Create your password by using the link sent to your email address.

    After creating your password, you must log in to your account for the password to activate.

  3. Set up your payment credentials.

    We accept credit card, iDeal, Bancontact, EPS, Przelewy24 and giropay. We are also compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets. We are working to accept more payment methods within our check-out. (We accept PayPal payments on request)

  4. Complete registration by filling in your company profile page.

    You must complete your company information in order for your account to be approved
    (only then verified users are allowed to see your company details and can contact you).

  5. Wait for your account to be reviewed.

    This can take up to 24 hours. During this time you can already use the Directory service, but you must wait for complete verification approval to get Marketplace access.

  6. Receive a confirmation email that your account has been approved.

    Your account will be approved after we have successfully verified your company information.

  7. Start expanding your business!

    You now have access to our entire Circular Industry Network, consisting of the Business Directory, Marketplace, and Community, on which you can network and grow your online presence, trade with other companies, and start discussions within your industry.

Some questions you may have:

Why must I verify my account?

We are working towards generating a safer and trustworthy platform that is free from scams and fraud. Requiring our users to verify their accounts tightens our security by complying with the new SCA secure payments standard

How does verification work?

We verify the accuracy of your company information, such as your address, VAT number, or chamber of commerce registration number. We execute a transaction with your bank account via Stripe in order to confirm that your payment credentials are correct and active.

How does verification keep the platform secure?

By means of a bank transaction, we confirm that each company using our platform (still) exists and operates with the bank account number listed. This way, we limit the misuse of our platform. 

How is the membership payment made?

All payments are made through Stripe checkout, a secure online payment processor. MaterialTrader does not store any of its users’ banking information. All payment credentials and transactions are processed and secured by Stripe under the SCA / PSD2 / 3D Secure compliance standards. 

What happens when my membership ends?

Your membership is active until it automatically ends after 1, 6 or 12 month(s), depending on which membership type you selected. There are no hidden auto- renewal costs involved. When your membership ends it will be set to inactive. Advertisement(s) will be removed when a membership ends. At the end of your active membership you may also choose to continue your membership by selecting a new period and authorize a new payment directly from within your profile page. 

Got More questions?

Visit our FAQ page or send them to offers:

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