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Can I still log in to if I do not have an active membership?

No, those without a certified membership will not be able to log in to, contact the companies listed in the Directory, nor respond to product advertisements nor place new product advertisements on the Marketplace. This is because we require every user to be verified in order to keep our platform safe for everyone.

Can I try the platform?

Yes, you can opt for a one month membership that will automatically ends after 30 days.

Can I extend or change my membership?

Yes, you can up- or downgrade your account when you decide to extend your membership. Just log in to your Directory profile and click the Extend button. It can take up to 24 hours for your (renewed) account to be fully operational.  Don’t have an account yet? Learn how to sign up for a membership here.

Will my membership renew automatically?

No, all memberships will end automatically unless it is extended by the user. You can extend your membership from within your profile page. If you choose not to extend you can still access your account to select a new membership later.


Account verification & review process

Why must I verify my account?

We are working towards generating a safer and trustworthy platform that is free from scams and fraud. Requiring our users to verify their accounts tightens our security by complying with the new SCA secure payments standard

How does verification work?

We verify the accuracy of your company information, such as your address, VAT number, or chamber of commerce registration number. We also perform a transaction with your bank account via Stripe in order to confirm that your payment credentials are correct and active.

How does verification keep the platform secure?

By means of a bank transaction, we confirm that each company using our platform (still) exists and operates with the bank account number listed. This way, we limit the misuse of our platform. 


Membership plans

Which membership is sufficient for me?

If you wish to sell or buy materials or machines on our Marketplace, you need at least a 1 month membership. With the 6 and 12 months memberships you are able to advertise more products over a longer period of time.
If you want to receive more online exposure and appear higher in the search results on our business directory, then an active Membership is recommended.

Why am I required to have a Certified account?

This is because we require every new user to be verified in order to keep our platform safe for everyone.
We verify your account by means of a bank transaction through our payment provider Stripe to confirm that your payment credentials are correct and active.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept credit cardsiDealBancontactEPSPrzelewy24giropay, AliPay and WeChat Pay. We are also compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets. We are working to accept more payment methods within our check-out. If you are in need for an alternative payment method like PayPal, SEPA/Direct debit or Wire Transfer, then we can only offer those for the 12 month membership plan. Please sent a request for alternative payment to

How is the membership payment made?

All payments are made through Stripe, a secure online payment processor.
MaterialTrader does not store any of its users’ banking information. All payment credentials and transactions are processed and secured by Stripe under the SCA / PSD2 / 3D Secure compliance standard.


Circular Industry Network

What is the Circular Industry Network?

The Circular Industry Network combines the MaterialTrader Marketplace, Community, with the Business Directory into one fully integrated platform. The purpose of the Circular Industry Network is for trading materials and machinery, boosting your online presence for prospecting and networking, and sharing news and innovations within your industry.

What is the Marketplace?

The MaterialTrader Marketplace is for trading secondary (raw) materials, residuals, recyclables, and (used) machines, in order to stimulate a circular economy within the materials industry.

What is the Directory?

The Business Directory is a place to find and be found, with opportunities to connect with thousands of businesses across the globe.

What is the Community?

The Community is where you can stay updated and participate in discussions about the latest news and innovations within your industry. offers:

  • Worldwide coverage (170+ countries present since 2017)
  • Hundreds of daily active traders (2021)
  • Personal network of relevant business relations
  • Expand your regional market share
  • Generate international sales
  • Certified traders only (since 02/2019)
  • Verified in 24hrs!