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The mission of the Circular Industry Network is to get you in touch with buyers and sellers of (raw) materials around the globe, in a way that forwards the circular economy. New connections for you is what matters to us.

Whether you are searching for new connections to trade, you want to boost your online profile in order to be found by other connections or that you want to share and exchange information related to circularity: it can all be done with a MaterialTrader Membership.

We value transparancy and proper communication and we are trying to be as informative as possible. Various frequently asked questions have been clustered and summarized, please check our FAQ.

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Should a situation occur that you want to be in touch with one of the MaterialTrader team members, please do not hesitate to contact us. We try to serve your needs in the best possible way. Helping you finding new connections brings us closer to creating the ultimate Circular Industry Network.

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Team MaterialTrader offers:

  • Worldwide coverage (170+ countries present)
  • Hundreds of daily active traders
  • A fast growing community of relevant business relations
  • Improve your business & online presence
  • Certified traders
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