Marketplace for secondary (raw) materials

Recycled waste, scrap, residues, obsolete stock or excess materials and products like:
plastics, metal, electronics, textile, paper, timber, composites, minerals, chemicals, batteries,
used & new recycling machines, and more.

Secondary (raw) Materials Marketplace

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Looking for polymers like LDPEPETPEBio-PEPUABSPMMAPVCPA  material in Bales,
or used products like Big bags, Foam or Rubber waste? Check our Plastic offerings.

Find rare earths or scrap Metal like Copper wireAluminumIronAlloy, SteelCarbon or brass.

Search for electronic waste, E-waste like Printed circuit boards, KeyboardsCPU chips,
Processor scrap, Ceramic motherboard scrap or Monitors, CRT, Cellphone, Battery or PV panels.

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MaterialTrader - Business Directory

The Business Directory is where verified companies can find your business and contact you.

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MaterialTrader MarketplaceThe Marketplace is for trading secondary (raw) materials, residuals, recyclables, and used machines.

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MaterialTrader - CommunityThe Community is where you can find relevant recycling or circular information and business cases.

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We’ve integrated all three platforms into one ecosystem. Having one connected, centralized account makes it more transparent who your trading partner is.

You get far more functionalities on our network, such as displaying your trading interests and having your Directory profile linked
to all your product advertisements on the Marketplace.

We partnered up with Stripe for simplified billing and account verification. This makes trading on our verified network
more secure for all users.